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  • HD wizards routers


    The Vigor2925ac is meant for the family that has a never ending demand to be and remain connected. This WIFI router is in no means just an ordinary router.

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  • HD wizards network routers


    Just like the Vigor2925ac, this router has all the capabilities of the Vigor2925ac but is meant to be installed in places that have a weak infrastructure such as old villas and old buildings.

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  • HD wizards switches

    Vigor Switch

    The Vigor Switch P1090 brings them all together in one place so they can talk to each other and also provides them actual electrical power and internet at the same time.

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  • Internet distribution – the way it should be

    Most Engineers in the region don't have the proper knowledge of how traffic is managed between the devices in your home and you end up with slow internet even though you have full bars. Deployment is key to success, The Internet router can be connected to a POE switch such as the P1090 that allows power and internet to run on the same wire, this should be connected to the Vigor Access point that is placed in all the rooms that need the WIFI coverage. With our proper setup and configuration, you will not only have Full Bars of WIFI but Full speed as well.

  • Power over Internet

    The evolution of technology is inevitable. The less the wires running in the home/office, the better. The Vigor access points can be powered by using just the LAN cable. The same cable will spread your internet in the room and be powered at the same time. You still have the option of connecting a power adapter if required.

  • 5G vs 2.4G

    People who don't know much about bands are confused of the meaning of DUAL band routers. 2.4G is a radio spectrum that allows your wireless devices such as your iPhone, iPad and WIFI computers to connect to the Internet router . This spectrum is used by other devices that can cause interference such as cordless phones, remote controls and etc, that's why 5G is useful, there are very few devices that connect on this spectrum and you are bound to have less interference. The Vigor Access points have both 2.4 and 5G spectrums, the connection is based what your device is capable of connecting on.