• Trailers & Extras

    Automatically get high quality movie trailers, interviews, and extras for movies in your library.
  • Rotten Tomatoes

    See how your movie collection ranks with ratings from Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Rich Media Discovery

    Find the next show you're going to binge on... again, with extensive search capabilities.

And There's More...

Check out these other features available on HD Wizards for Apple TV.

  • HD Wizards Home

    Use managed accounts, restrict content, and quickly switch between users*.
  • Channels

    Watch media from supported services, such as Vimeo, TED Talks, Soundcloud, and more*.
  • Filtering and sorting

    Slice and dice by genre, director, record label, and more to quickly find what you're looking for.
  • Photos

    See your organized photo library presented beautifully on your Apple TV screen.
  • Security

    Home or away, enjoy your media knowing your connection is securely encrypted.

Ultimately Unlimited. Uniquely Yours.

    HD Players

  • HD Players


    Each player operates independently so you can watch different movies in different rooms.

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    HD Origen Premium Servers

  • HD Origen server


    The S14V servers stores up to 12TB of digital downloads from the Internet as well as pristine.

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  • HD Origen server


    The S16V is a full-sized chassis designed to fulfil all your hardware requirements.

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