HDwizards Media Products

  • hd shuttle


    Turn your living room into a home cinema by adding HDwizards Media System to your TV. Upgradable upto 8TB Storage, the HDShuttle is a powerful media player that automatically builds your library by fetching metadata on your content using IMDB.

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  • hd shuttle mini

    HDShuttle Mini

    Get instant access to all your media in your bedroom. The Mini is a perfect companion for the HDShuttle. This system connects to the HDShuttle Server to playback simultaneous content in another zone from the same library.

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  • HD Wizards Apple TV

    Apple TV

    Access your collection of home videos for easy watching on your TV, or watch episodes of your favorite TV show back-to-back. Get Rotten Tomatoes ratings and explore other extras, or, for that theater experience, see trailers before your movies.

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