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    Access Points

  • HD wizards adapters

    VigorAP 910

    The Vigor AP910C is an access point that extends your current WIFI network. It's concealed design allows to blend into the ceiling that doesn't destroy the interior of the home.

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  • HD wizards adapters

    VigorAP 900

    Just Like the Vigor AP910C, this access point also extends your WIFI network but is meant to be installed and kept on table tops or mounted to the side walls of a room.

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  • HD wizards switches

    Vigor Switch

    The Vigor Switch P1090 brings them all together in one place so they can talk to each other and also provides them actual electrical power and internet at the same time.

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  • All in One Internet

    The Vigor Series routers are capable of handling traffic in multiple homes. The deployment can be done in such a way that they can talk to internet routers in your other homes around the world and make it seem like you are connected to the same network.

  • You are Welcome

    The Vigor Series routers are capable of handling heavy use. Interconnected with Vigor Access points, you can have WIFI coverage anywhere in your house. You can also assign a different WIFI connection foryour guests so you don't have to give them your WIFI password when they visit.

  • Parental Control

    Internet can be harmful for kids and they are vulnerable to threats. The Vigor Series routers have a Smart Monitor that analyses network activity and keeps logs of the devices for the young family members in the house such as the websites they visit and timeline of whatsapp being used on their phones.